5 Simple Tricks to Keep your Home Smelling Great While Keeping Odour at Bay

01 January 1970

Fragrance can make us feel good, it can even set our mood right. Why not pay the same attention to the odours of your house as you do about the scent of your perfume? The way your home smells is indicative of how clean it is. Here are some simple housekeeping tricks to keep those bad odours at bay.

1.Sunlight and fresh air:

Opening the windows and doors is the best and simplest approach to excite and revitalise fresh indoor air. The sun's UV rays kill dangerous microorganisms while also evaporating the moisture that has been trapped in your curtains, rugs, and furniture. Pollutants in the air accumulate more quickly in a stagnant environment. Allow sufficient ventilation to allow the interchange of stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. Take full advantage of it while you can as it's free!

2.Lemon basil room spray:

Cleanse spaces with the aroma of basil and lemon. Start by boiling 34 cup water in a pot or tea kettle, then pour it into a liquid measuring cup to make a homemade room spray. For a few minutes, soak four tablespoons of dried basil in the mixture. Better Homes & Gardens 16oz Glass Spray Bottle, $5, Walmart, is a reusable spray bottle with a funnel opening lined with a coffee filter. To get rid of the herbs, carefully pour the basil and water mixture into the bottle via the filter. After that, throw away the filter. To the bottle, add 1/4 cup distilled water, 1 tablespoon vodka, and 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Shake the contents to blend it before screwing on the spray bottle cap. When necessary, mist the odour remover around the space.

 3.Indoor plants and flowers work like sanitisers:

Indoor plants are not merely for aesthetic sake. Shibanee & Kamal Architects included peace lilies, a simple-to-grow natural air-cleaner, in the design of this Bangalore home.  Garden mums, ferns, ficus, snake plants, bamboo, aloe vera, spider plants, and other plants are also wonderful options for purifying the air and bringing life indoors.

4.Linen spray:

This homemade linen spray freshens linens, clothing, towels, and furniture with fabric coverings. Pour one tablespoon of vodka into a spray container that may be used again and again. 35 drops of essential oil should be added (you can mix scents if you'd like), and then the remaining distilled water should be added. Spray bottle lid in place, shake to thoroughly combine. To keep linens smelling good, spray them as needed.

5.Clean those special corners:

Sometimes your bai's morning cleaning and mopping are insufficient. Make it a routine for you or your household staff to clean the dining table, countertops, and appliances with mildly scented, environmentally friendly cleaners, especially after any heavy-duty use. Make sure to frequently clean and dry spots in the kitchen such the corners behind the refrigerator, the exhaust vent, the trash can and the hob. These are the places that frequently remain damp and quickly build up muck. The same holds true for restrooms. Get the floor tiles cleaned frequently, and make sure to do regular cleanings of the floor, washbasin and drain. I also strongly support the use of mothballs in certain areas.


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