4 Tips to Design a Beautiful and Functional Laundry Room

01 January 1970

There are various options, just as there are various people. There are many people who enjoy doing laundry, and there are some who do not. You must now be pondering who the people are who enjoy doing laundry. We would say that there are many. In fact, a report from the past revealed that the average American family washes nearly 300 loads of laundry every year. This certainly makes it clear that doing laundry is a past time for many people. So, if you are one of these people who loves doing laundry and you certainly spend a lot of time doing so, we would suggest that you definitely deserve a space that is highly functional and eases your laundry process while you do it.

We have been in the interior design business for a long time, and we are one of the best interior design agencies operating in Singapore. We have a bunch of designers who are all well-versed in the tits and bits of interior design. They even understand the needs and wants of the homeowners, so they are clearly in a position to design a home where every part is functional and organised.

So, we have curated a list of some tips and tricks that are surely going to help you design a more efficient and beautiful laundry space.

1. Drip dry clothing without creating a mess

You probably have a few items of clothing that would benefit from a gentle drip dry rather than a tumble in a heated tub. But if "drip dry" to you means hanging clothes on the shower bar and spreading out towels to catch the water, you are missing out on one of the most convenient features available. Cabinets or shelves mounted above a laundry utility sink allow you to instal a hanging bar underneath. That’s the perfect space for your delicate clothing to dry.

2. Choose a top or front load washing machine

When you plan to redo your laundry area, you need to think about whether you will be buying new appliances or sticking with the older ones. If you plan to invest in new ones, start researching and reading reviews, as they will help you select the best quality appliances. For instance, if a washer is economically priced but has low ratings, it's best to skip that deal at the appliance store.

You must first decide which of the washers you prefer before committing to any of them.This is because you have two options: top loader or front loader.

Top-loader: the door of a top-loading washer is located on the top of the machine. Tall people often opt for top-loading washers as shorter people face difficulty reaching clothes at the bottom of the machine.

Front-loading washers have an outward-opening door on the front of the machine. This offers easy access to short-heeled people. Taller ones usually need to bend a lot if they opt for front-load washers. So, you need to decide very carefully before you make a decision to buy a washer.

3. Opt for a laundry baskets

It is always better to use small woven or fabric baskets to store your laundry supplies like dryer sheets, stain sticks, and lint rollers. This will not just keep your laundry space organized, but it will also make it easy for you to find things. Decorative storage bins are also a simple and affordable way to add colour and texture to your laundry room. You can even label baskets with your family member’s name so that they keep their clothes in the baskets that have their names. This will not let clothes pile up in your laundry space, thus helping you make your laundry space quite organized.

4. Integrate a built in work table in your laundry space

Work tables and rolling carts are handy to have in a laundry room. You can use them to not just sort clothes but also fold and iron them. If you do not have enough space for a small table and you have front-loading appliances, you can instal a counter top on top of your washer and dryer.

So, above are some quick tips and tricks that will help you get an organised and functional laundry space. In case you feel you need some more tips, you only need to get in touch with us, as we offer the best home renovation services in Singapore.

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