4 Ways to Incorporate Bold Colours into your Interior Design

01 January 1970

Colours tend to leave a very strong impact on the minds of people. This statement also holds true when it comes to designing a home. Mere. Just by introducing a hint of colour in your room, you can make it pop like no other interior design element can. In our opinion, colours have the ability to make your room pop in the most amazing way. No doubt, colours have the ability to help you make your room pop, but you also need to be cautious with the colour palette that you pick. We have been in the home renovation business for a very long time, and so we are aware of the aspects where homeowners go wrong when they design their home. Many a time, we have seen people add too much colour to their rooms. But when it comes to interior designing, we would suggest that they stick to the principle of "less is more". If this is adopted when designing a room with colours, we are 100 percent sure that nothing will go wrong. And we obviously do not want our home or room to have a jarring look. So, to help you with your home renovation journey, we have curated a list of ways that will definitely help you play with colours in your house and achieve a look that does not just look premium but is also classy.


Stick to accent if you are unsure:

So if you are someone who is not sure of how bold colours will look, you can stick to a more neutral foundation and include bold colours in décor accents instead. Pillows, throw blankets, furniture, brightly or boldly painted end tables or stools, etc. are good ways to explore and play with bold colours as accents without committing heavily to them. The good part of using these is that you can easily change them if you do not like them. They provide you with the flexibility to change them without having to make any sort of structural changes.



Use accessories:

The most affordable and quickest way to introduce more colour to your room is with accessories. For your living room, you can add a bright pop of colour with the help of throw pillows on the couch, or you can even buy candles in your favourite scent to place them on the mantle. For your bedrooms, you can consider complementing your curtains with the comforter. Wall art is another approach for infusing both colour and personality into your home.

Focus on flooring:

Another area where you can use bold colours is your flooring. You must be wondering how this can be done. But this is certainly very easy. Think of a rug that is blue in colour and goes well with your hardwood or tile flooring. Will it not look lovely? It definitely will, and this is because area rugs with rich colours add some vibrance beneath your feet. Rugs can also add texture—try a shag carpet to bring some flair to your seating areas.


Think beyond your favourite colour:

All of us have a certain amount of inclination towards a colour. And there is nothing wrong with it. But this does not necessarily mean that if you are someone who loves the colour yellow, you will paint the entire room that colour. Yes! You heard it right. You literally cannot afford to paint your entire room yellow. You need to make sure that you use it in a way that it does not mess up with the vibe of your place, and to achieve this, you need to put in extra effort in searching for different colours that you can play around with. This is because once you step outside your comfort zone, you are surely going to get something that you never thought of. Just for instance, orange might not be one of your go-to hues, but an orange accent chair next to a deep brown or black bookshelf could be just what the room needs.

So, above are the best ways of using bold colors for your home. In case you find some issue while trying these tricks, you can easily get in touch with us as we offer affordable interior designing services in Singapore.


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