5 Storage Solutions Every Home Needs

01 January 1970

Who doesn’t want extra storage? Everyone does. The reason is simple, having an additional amount of storage space eases up life and makes home organization simple. This is what every homeowner needs. 

Storage is not just confined to towering bookshelves and unruly closets. Instead, storage solutions are ways through which one can easily change the way one lives. One needs to plan storage accurately as it will help open up rooms and spaces in our daily lives. Planning your storage space can sometimes help you come across spaces in your rooms that you never thought existed. People often think designing smart, useful storage can be daunting. But this is exactly not the case. You just need to plan each and everything properly. With some tips and tricks, you can easily transform your haphazard-looking closet, wasted space, or cluttered interior into a more mature and planned interior. Storage planning can literally take your interiors to new heights. Trust us, these heights will be worth reaching. Smart storage solutions help you organize and declutter your space to create more liveable and open rooms where you can work, gather or unwind. 

So what are you waiting for? We have rounded up five smart and easy storage solution ideas for your happy home.


1.  Consider spatial functions and go modular

Before you plan out the storage space:

  1. Ask each person in your house about the room they prefer to use.
  2. Do not forget to ask about the activities they would do in that room. This will help you plan effectively.
  3. Always design your storage room by room. This will help you analyze stuff that you wouldn’t be taken inside the room, and then these items can be grouped together depending on a room’s use.

Not to forget, always opt for a modular design. This will help you break down larger spaces into smaller ones. For instance, with the help of modular design, you can break storage spaces into drawers or cabinets. 


2. Under the stair storage

Another easiest and most effective storage space solution that you should definitely opt for. You should definitely opt for this glamorous-looking built-in storage space idea. Consider building cabinets in that underutilized nook beneath the stairs. This storage space idea never goes wrong and is used by all interior designers. Building cabinets underneath stairs gives a classy look and does not add extra space to the house.


3. Floor cabinets

Build cabinets on the top of the floor. This will help you compartmentalize and will make clothes and other supplies accessible. This is another best built-in solution to opt for. Again, does not acquire another space in the house and helps store things more smartly. You can have this in your dressing room and bathroom to keep your extra stuff. 


4. Use vertical spaces

Utilizing vertical space, like behind-the-door storage, is a smart storage solution idea. These are some spaces that are unutilized and can be put to use for storing small items that would have otherwise cluttered your room. Going for vertical spaces will make your room organized and also will help you access things easily.


5. Wall hooks

Best to help store your clothes. Just by putting a hook on the wall, you can literally use it for hanging your towels or coats. Wall hooks do not require any structural changes and can be put and removed according to your convenience. Wall hooks are not just used for hanging clothes but can be used in the kitchen to hang that extra spoon or spatula. This built-in is definitely a good storage space idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these above-listed smart storage solution ideas and declutter your space to get a positive vibe. Because excessive clutter causes negativity to creep into your space.