6 Unique Wardrobe Space For Your Bedroom

01 January 1970

Space is always a constraint in contemporary homes. As your collection of clothes—office wear, sportswear, and lounge wear—increases, you automatically need some extra space to keep them. Designing a wardrobe in a bedroom can be challenging. This is only due to the fact that you need to ensure that you keep enough space for your wardrobe and even for yourself so that you can roam around in your bedroom without any constraints. 

We are one of the best interior design agencies in Singapore, known for offering premium and affordable interior design services. Our team of interior designers has worked with different clients, so they are aware of the needs and wants of all kinds of people. They have often noticed homeowners struggling with the choice between scant storage and a bulky wardrobe. So, if you are someone who is stuck in a similar situation, you need to really go through this blog that we have written to help you plan your wardrobe for your bedroom. Below are some amazing storage ideas that will definitely bring neatness to your room without making it feel boxed in.

1. Go floor to ceiling by incorporating loft space:

A wardrobe that covers the height of a room allows you to use all the space. This loft space on the top can be used for storing suitcases, winterwear, or travel clothes. You can also use this loft space for storing items that you usually do not need on an everyday basis.

2. Go for a wall-to-wall wardrobe:

a wardrobe that runs from one wall to the next is an ideal wardrobe for your small bedroom. By making good use of the wall space, you can actually create a lot of space for your things in different ways: hanging space, shelves, racks, and drawers.

3. Opt for sliding doors:

sliding doors, in our opinion, are your greatest saviours. You can have a spacious wardrobe in your bedroom with sliding doors. The good part about using these sliding doors is that they do not eat a lot of space while you open your wardrobe, and in turn, the bulky look is avoided. You will also have a lot of walking space around your wardrobe because you don’t even have to swing open the door each time to use it.

4. Have mirrors on doors:

Another important thing that you can do is use mirrors on your wardrobe. Doing this will serve you in two ways. One is that the space that will be used for putting the mirror can be put to some other use, and the second is that mirrors help to make a space look spacious and bigger. Making mirrors a part of your wardrobe eliminates the need for extra furniture in your bedroom.

5. Install transparent or translucent glass doors on wardrobes:

Doors that are transparent on wardrobes allow you to see things quickly while also reducing the appearance of a cramped bedroom that is cramped. Glass doors give the illusion of space, unlike wooden doors.

6. Pick light or pastel colours:

Wardrobes with lighter-colored exteriors (white, pink, or green) make your bedroom appear light and airy. Darker shades create a feeling of suffocation. Choose bright colours or pastel shades as you finalise the style and design of your clothing.

 So, above are some easy tips and tricks for designing a wardrobe in your bedroom. If you feel you need more help in this regard, feel free to contact us.

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