A Guide to Using Bold Colours in Your Home

01 January 1970

While most of the homeowners in Malaysia stay safe while choosing paint colours for their homes, there are a bunch of people who like playing around with bold colours. The interior designers working with us feel that a room that has bold colours definitely looks more alluring in comparison to a room that is painted with neutral colours. Bold colours are definitely coming back in trend, and so they have become the choice of all the interior designers in Malaysia. Playing with colours does not only mean that you need to paint your walls with them; instead, you can incorporate some boldness into your room by placing colourful cushions, rugs, or throws in your house. Interior design can also become instantly more cheerful by incorporating a colourful piece of accent furniture or a quirky lamp shade, for example. 

So, if you are someone who is looking to add some boldness through colours to your space, then you have landed at the correct place. We are one of the best interior design agencies in Malaysia, and we are known to offer affordable interior design services. We believe in serving our customers with the best services and helping them get their dream home.

So, below, we have made a list of tips that can help you add bold colours to your space:

1. Use colours for the hallway and staircase.:

Your hallway is definitely the first thing that everyone sees as soon as they enter your house. If you happen to have a staircase, then paint the uprights in your favourite vivid colour. It is suggested to keep the wall neutral, as this will help you highlight the colour on the staircase. You can even opt for a wallpaper that has bold colours, as this is definitely going to help you make a great first impression.

2. Use bold-coloured accent pieces of furniture.:

Another easy way to add bold colours to your interior is by opting for colourful furniture. You can always opt for a vibrant-hued sofa, wardrobe, dining table, or chairs. A tropical-print wing chair amongst more subdued wooden furniture or a dinner waggon in distressed blue will also work their charms instantly. Embolden unlikely places like a kitchen cabinet or island, doors and windows, or the stairs with pain or any other sort of colourful treatment.

3. Spice it up with exotic accessories:

Any place will be transformed by large-scale artwork in vibrant colours. Your space will have more character if it has colourful curtains, rugs, sculptures, or intriguing homemade décor items. Bring in colourful side tables or bar stools for the space.

 Bold colours are exactly what you need to give your home's decor more personality and enjoyment. So, talk to us for a seamless experience in creating a colour-led home.

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