Create a Dreamy Home with Soft and Serene Pastel

Colours with These 4 Tips

01 January 1970

Most of you think that pastel colors are only meant for nurseries and little girl’s room. But this is not the truth, instead pastel colors are a perfect way to add gentle luxury and high end feel to any space. In the opinion of our interior designers pastel colors is a must have in home décor. Pastel home décor ideas are perfect for creating a relaxing and welcoming space in your home and it is perfect for bedroom and powder room designs. so, before we jump into ways by which you can incorporate pastel colors in your home décor, you need to first understand what pastel color actually means?

So, a pastel color is one where the hue has sufficient white mixed into it to make it appear soft and luminous. Technically the tints of a hue, pastel shades retain the original integrity of the base color while featuring a high level of lightness and low saturation. 

Pastel colors is something that you really need to incorporate in your home décor and this is ideally due to the look that it will add to your home. There are several ways to make pastel colors a part of your interior design. Below are some easy tips and tricks by which you can easily do this.

1. Start with adding a pop of pastel color:

introducing a apstel color in your hoem doesnot relaly mean that you got to paint an entire wall with a pastel color. You instead need to start bit by bit. You can do this by you picking up pastel shades for accessories and other décor such as wall art. Soft furnishings, like comfy cushions, fluffy throws or gauzy curtains are another great way to add pastels. You can even add pastel color to your hoemd ecor by investing into vases, indoor plants and table lamps. 

2. Use pastel colors in the outdoors:

another way to add pastel color to your home décor is by getting using it in the outdoors. So, if you are someone who is blessed with a outdoor space or a semi-outdoor space, you definitely need to play around with pastel colors. You can easily do this by painiting a statement wall in white color with some exposed brick picked out in pastel color. Ice cream parlor style awnings in a pastel color combination or single pastel shade are a whimsical yet practical addition. You can even enhance the look by picking furniture that are of pastel color or by adding some pastel hued pots or planters. 

3. Use plants to welcome green pastels:

pastel room ideas are incomplete without green. Green is said to be one of the most experimental color and the natural textures acts as pastel fillers. Green plants is an easy and natural way to add a tint of pastel color to your space. Place potted plants on windowsills or on tables and shelves for a pop of color and a touch of nature. Sage green and mint green are phenomenal pastel shades which play well in any room decor.

4. Use pastel colored furniture:

another easy way of adding pastel shade to your interior home décor is by adding pastel colored furniture to your hour space. you can opt for pastel colored sofa, chairs and other pieces to add some soft and gentle color to your space. try using pastel colors in rooms that have abundance of natural light. 

So, above are some easy ways to make pastel colors part of your home décor. Try using these tips and tricks and get in touch with us if in case you are in need of interior designing consultancy. 


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