Decorate your Home with Viva Magenta – Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

01 January 1970

It is now official, as Pantone announced that Viva Magenta will be the Color of the Year for 2023. So, now you must be wondering what exactly this colour is. Do not worry; we have got your back.

Well, the new colour that you will get to see everywhere in fashion, beauty, and beyond is a "shade rooted in nature, descending from the red family." Of course, the gorgeous magenta colour will be featured heavily in home décor. You might even want to add to your cart some Viva Magenta décor inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 now so that your home is ready to slay when the new year rolls around.

"This year’s Color of the Year is powerful and empowering," according to Pantone. "It is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying and boundaryless shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement."

So if you are thinking of ways to make this colour a part of your home décor, we have created a list of some ways in which you can definitely do this. We were inspired by Viva Magenta to experiment with home décor that stands out and adds pops of colour to your space.So not to worry, you do not have to spend a lot of money to make this colour part of your home décor. Even a Viva Magenta candle is enough to bring some of that Pantone colour of the year 2023 energy into your life. So, to help you decorate your home the magenta way, we have curated a list of some ways through which you can make this new colour a part of your home.

1. Use magenta colored accessories

To incorporate this colour in your home, the best way is to search for things that are this color. You can easily find magenta-coloured lamps and pillows. A magenta-colored pillow can be a great addition to a living room that is blue, white, or green. It will not only add brightness to your space, but it will also light it like nothing else. You can even use some magenta-coloured flowers in a vase in your living room. The only idea is to incorporate magenta in any possible way. Since the colour is a bit dark, even a small tint of it can help you decorate your home.

2. Use magenta colored textiles

Viva Magenta evokes a sense of playfulness, creativity, and excitement when integrated into a room. It is best to use this colour in kid-friendly spaces, as kids love to be around colourful places. You can even use this colour in your workspace. This colour can even go well when used in textiles such as pillows, bedding, window treatments, rugs, or even shower curtains, which is a great way to use this bold and exhilarating pop of color. The only design tip would be to don’t overdo it. "A little goes a long way."

3. Use magenta colored storage bins

Perhaps your 2023 goal is to get your home as organised as Kim Kardashian’s walk-in fridge. If that’s the case, it’ll help to get some extra storage bins in the vibrant magenta color. When looking around, be sure to find bins and organisers in a Viva Magenta shade to keep your home as Insta-worthy as possible.

4. Search for magenta color kitchen décor items

Another way in which you can use this colour in your space is by searching for kitchen décor items that are this color. You can try buying a magenta-coloured spatula or a saucepan. Place them in your kitchen, and then let your kitchen do the talking.