Entryway Inspirations for Small Home

01 January 1970

People often overlook the entryway space of their homes. They think this particular space is something that not everyone notices, so they do not plan it well. But this is practically not the case. Entryway space is considered one of the most important spaces in the house. After all, it is this place that welcomes people into your home and is sometimes the only space visitors come across when they visit your home.

An entryway demands serious attention; you clearly cannot afford to make your entry give a mundane vibe, so make sure you have an attractive entry. Another important factor that is enough to state that a perfect entry is necessary is that it sets the tone for the rest of your house and that coordinates with hallways and landing will ensure a coordinated feel. This does not mean that the entry has to be grand and decorated too much. Even a simple and subtle entry can be designed to give that classic look. Designing an entryway for your home can be easy. But you just need to search for ways that fall into your budget and do not demand too much.

So, for a small entry, you need to think big. Go beyond the regular welcome mat and ensure your entry says what you want it to say.

Follow these design tips to have a classy and grand entry for your home.


1. Offer a seat

The most vital thing that entryways often tend to miss is to offer a place that will be used to sit. To better understand this, let's take up an example, what if a pizza delivery guy visits your place to deliver your pizza? And you have to go inside to get some cash to pay for the pizza. Now, by the time you go to the room to get that money, you will offer that guy a place to sit. What would you want? Obviously, you would never want a random person to come and sit in the front foyer. So, for situations and people like these, never forget to place a chair, bench, or a seat for such strangers to sit. The good part is placing a bench will serve you in two ways. One way is, of course, there will be a place to sit; second, it can be a good storage solution for you. Use this bench to keep your shoes, umbrella, etc. yes, and do not forget to search for a bench with shelves.


2. Be cautious with lights

Entryways in some homes are usually tight. This tightness causes a lack of light to enter that space. If you have such an entry, try bouncing lights by using mirrors. Mirrors are considered as the best options to help reflect light. Not just light is reflected, but at the same time, mirrors make your space look bigger. Try angling a mirror across the light source to use mirrors the right way. This will double the natural brightness and make your entryway look bigger, spacious, and airier.


3. Invite guests

Make sure that your entryway gives a warm feeling to your guests. In simple words, it should make your guests feel welcome. Think of it this way. Anytime guests visit your place, they are still holding their stuff in their hands. Your guest might visit you wearing a coat and carrying an umbrella. If you have a planned entryway, your guest can get rid of all the stuff they carry right before entering your house. This is definitely gonna make them feel invited. So, offer your guests a place to keep their items. This is surely going to make them feel comfortable.


4. Choose colors over neutrality

Choosing neutral colours is very easy. But selecting a bold shade can instantly elevate your space and its impact. Any bright colour like blue, orange, yellow, etc., can vibe up your space. Also, not forget, if you decide to paint your entryway, make sure you choose a paint that offers a durable finish and picks your shade thoughtfully. This is because entryways are considered the busiest area of your space. So the wall colour is more susceptible to getting knocked and chipped. So be cautious with the quality of paint.

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