Get Ready in Style with these Walk-in Wardrobe Designs

01 January 1970

We’ve been in love with walk-in wardrobes since Carrie Bradshaw opened hers to the world in Sex and The City. Making space for one in your own home could be easier than you think.

Getting a walk-in wardrobe of your choice is no longer a dream anymore. We at MJS Interiors make sure that clients get what they need for their homes. We are one of the best interior design agencies in Singapore, known for our pool of experts in the interior designing segment. We have been in the design business for a very long time and are known for bringing dream homes into reality.

Walk-in wardrobes are one part of the home that has to be carefully designed. Whether you are a label lover looking for statement storage to showcase the collection of your clothes, or you are one of those who want to get rid of the bulky and overly crowded drawers from your bedroom, or just want to simply get rid of the extra clutter, These below-mentioned options are a perfect choice for you.

To have a stylish wardrobe, you do not necessarily need to possess expensive handbags or designer clothes. You can have your designer wardrobe section only for the sake of yourself.

Before you get your walk-in wardrobe designed, make sure that you access your storage needs. A clear idea about the amount of storage space that you will require will definitely help you plan your visit with more efficiency. For instance, you need to make sure that you opt for dual-level hanging areas (tall for trousers and dresses and short for shirts and tops), racks or boxes for shoes, deep shelves for jumpers, and drawers to keep undies and pajamas out of sight. Also, never forget to opt for a thin pull-out drawer for keeping your jewelry.

These are some of the options for walk-in wardrobes that you can try for your home:

1. Spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you can always transform it into a walk-in wardrobe, and if you have the budget, you can definitely design a luxury walk-in for yourself. Transforming a spare room into a walk-in wardrobe will give you the advantage of placing a dressing table with seating and a window that acts as a cherry on the cake.

2. Storage to spark joy

Keeping wardrobe clutter to a minimum can definitely help you design your walk-in wardrobe in the best possible way. Opt for clear-front drawers and sliding racks. Insert them into an existing built-in wardrobe or even under the stairs. We at MJS work with the objective of building your dream closet to an individual spec, with space for everything from bras to boots. But if you choose to do it yourself (DIY), visit retail stores such as Ikea, HipVan, etc. These stores provide racking systems that can be customized according to your needs.

3. Protect and preserve

If you are one of those who possess a swanky new home but have opted for open shelving, then please be good with your clothes. Because just like your new home needs attention, even your clothes need to be looked after. Pack all your jumpers into clear plastic bags (just to keep those moths away). Wrapping gloves and hats in acid-free bags is an ideal thing to do. Your shoes will appreciate it if you store them in a clear, plastic, stackable box, and your handbags will appreciate it if you store them in a fabric bag. 

4. Lightings

Be very particular with the kind of lighting that you use for your walk. Great lighting plays a vital part in designing a dressing room. There are various kinds of lighting that you can opt for while you plan the lighting of your dressing room.

 For instance, downlights or overhead lights are a big no-no for a dressing room setting. So never opt for these lights when you select the dressing room’s lights.

Another option that is available is pendant lighting. Installing pendant lights can give an aesthetic look. A low-hanging pendant light will oomph up the vibe of your dressing room and is ideal if it is hung over a storage island. However, make sure that these lights are not capable of lighting up the details of your space. 

LEDs are a good option for being placed inside the cabinets and under shelving, as they are an effective way to illuminate items and show off your prized possessions.

 So, by now you are familiar with the walk-in wardrobe options that can be ideal for your home. If you feel like these are not the ones for you, you can clearly seek our help, and yes, do not hesitate. We promise to give you the best design for your walk-in wardrobe.