How to Achieve the Minimalist and Cozy Look in your Home with Scandi Designs

01 January 1970

When it comes to interior design and home styling, Scandinavian minimalist interior design is much loved since it evokes feelings of comfort, minimalism, and modernity. You must have come across this design at Ikea stores and on Pinterest. So you are clearly aware of how this design looks and feels. But for those who are not aware of what Scandinavian design actually is, you have landed at the correct place. We are among the best interior design agencies in Singapore, known to offer premium home renovation and interior design services. We believe in serving our customers with the best services, so we have a team of creative interior designers.

Coming back to what Scandinavian design actually is So, the design began in the early 20th century. It was about mixing old and new styles from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway. It was during the 1950s that Scandinavian interior design gained the most popularity in the US and Canada. If you look closely, Scandinavian interior design intersects with mid-century modern design, both of which were heavily impacted by industrialization and the modernist sensibilities of Germany’s Bauhaus movement. So, it can be said that Scandinavian design has an essence of both modern and traditional trends, which in turn leads to an overall style that blends fresh design with time-honoured elements of craftsmanship.To help you decorate your home the Scandinavian way, we have listed down some ways that you should definitely try.


Scandinavian design is all about emphasising bright, light, and open spaces and providing ample room to move and breathe within them. Visual elements like clean lines and white spaces evoke a sense of calm and capacity. One of the most crucial aspects of Scandinavian design is that it is clutter-free. So, the first step for all those trying to incorporate Scandinavian design is to start decluttering. But rather than going for a stark and ultra-minimalist look, we suggest you aim for lagom, a Swedish term that translates to "in between" or "just right." We want neither too much nor too little.

Choose quality

To be on par with Scandinavian interior design, you need to invest in high-quality pieces. You really cannot afford to buy mediocre pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that you should pick only those pieces of furniture that are multi-purpose, light, and pretty functional. You also need to ensure that the pieces look modern and exhibit a striking look.


Bring nature inside

Scandinavian countries believe a lot in nature. They therefore prefer nature over everything else. They have been honouring nature by incorporating natural elements like light and bright wood, nature-inspired sculptural pieces, houseplants, and natural textiles and upholstery such as wool, mohair, sheepskin, linen, jute, burlap, and many more. You can also try to use sustainable materials in your home.

Use neutrals

When playing with colours in a Scandinavian design, try to use all those colours that are close to earth, stone, and wood. A neutral colour scheme is simple but gives a sophisticated look. You can choose to use lighter versions for your wall. With larger blocks of accent colour—and colour is allowed—go for greyish blues, green plants, warm tans, neutral (unsaturated) versions of colour, monochromatic colour stories, and graphic and botanical prints.


So, above are simple ways to decorate your home the Scandinavian way. Just in case if you still feel confused, you can always reach out to use and avail our interior designing services. 

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