How To Avoid Renovation Nightmares

01 January 1970

A home is a place that holds utmost importance in our lives. It is a place where we spend the maximum of our time, make memories, express ourselves, and unwind. Many times, remodeling or renovating this place flashes in our heads. Getting an opportunity to give our homes a makeover is not just exciting but undeniable. But this journey of renovating our space can be traumatic if we fail to plan out things well. Hence, deciding to renovate our homes calls for some serious attention and action. To make your renovation journey easy, we have listed some helpful points. Make sure that you follow these if you want a peaceful renovation experience.

  1. Choose your contractor wisely

Home redecoration is something that cannot be done by your own self. You need professional help. Start with searching for a contractor that is both affordable and well versed in managing time. You can have a negative home renovation experience if your contractor does the following things: increases the cost, delays work, and poor communication. Hence, it is vital to see that you choose your contractor wisely. The question that comes up here is how to go about this? The answer is very simple-Research. Start researching companies that offer the best renovation facilities at an affordable cost. You can also choose to ask your friends, relatives, and your neighbors. 

Searching for an excellent interior designing company can be challenging in Singapore. But do not worry. We have your back. MJS Interior is one such interior designing company in Singapore that is affordable and offers the best deals to homeowners and its clients.

  2. Have a realistic budget

Many times, people just rush into the renovation process. This is obviously because of the excitement they have to redecorate their space. But there is nothing wrong with it. Just make sure that you do not take up hasty decisions. Home remodeling calls for putting a lot of money at stake. Therefore, it is recommended to Plan! Plan everything right, from the budget and the time to the resources that will be required. You can do this by getting written estimates from your contractor. These written estimates can include the demolition and removal of construction debris, the cost of the appliances, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, electrical stuff, plumbing stuff, and fees for mode appliances. You can also search for furniture and countertops that are not expensive. Try to cut out expenses wherever possible. If this is done accurately, going wrong with your renovation journey is an impossible thing!!

 3.   Do not avoid red flags

The heading seems catchy, and so is the logic behind it. Never ever avoid red flags if you are renovating your home. Now, how does this work? It is straightforward. Analyze every step of your interior designing company. For instance, it is a red flag if the company takes ages to reply to you or does not turn up. This clearly shows that they are disorganized, swamped and poor with following up. Another possible red flag that you can look for is the respect that you get from your architect. Sounds tricky, but practically it is not. Your company needs to respect your budget and time and adhere to what you quoted to them. If they can’t show respect, then yes, your experience will be a bad one!!

 4.   Measure twice, cut once

This saying is old, but as it is said, “Old is gold” it applies today as well. Renovating calls for a bunch of jobs that involve cutting and measuring things. Hiring an interior designing company can help you use your resources judiciously. This is because they have trained people who are clearly aware of cutting and measuring things. They will indeed measure everything twice before making a cutting decision. So yes, trust MJS interior for such work, and we promise to never disappoint our clients.

The renovation comes with a bunch of responsibilities. An individual alone can't plan out things and then execute them. With significant responsibilities comes a demand for great expertise. We at MJS Interiors are many creative, dedicated and expert teams who clearly understand what renovation means to people. All our services are affordable, and we do not believe in quality. We offer a wide array of renovating facilities and services. We bet you will not find a company like us in Singapore with all the traits of a perfect interior designing company. 


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