How to Incorporate Minimalism into Your Home Design

01 January 1970

The journey of minimalist home design was conceptualized based on the Zen philosophy that governs many oriental countries. In places like Japan, Korea, and other such regions, the available square footage to build a home is quite limited. Even the apartment spaces available are quite scanty. So, to survive in such small spaces, it is necessary that we design our homes in the most minimalist way possible. And this can be achieved by decluttering all areas of the house. For example, you can achieve a minimalist design in the dining room by just keeping a few essentials: a dining table (clear of any clutter), chairs, some counter stools, a high chair, and a step stool for kids. On the counters are only the toaster, coffee maker, and microwave.

So, with the above example, it is clear that minimalism is the key to satisfaction. You must be thinking, "How can this be true?" So, to understand this, consider that you walk into a room that is free of clutter. Now imagine the amount of strange satisfaction and calmness that it is going to offer to your mind. In addition to this, there is a wide range of benefits that a minimalist home offers. Some of them are listed below:

1. Less stressful:

The first and foremost benefit of having a room with minimal design is that homeowners get a lot of peace. This is only because minimal design means minimal furniture, and this in turn results in a clutter-free home. And as it is said, less clutter means there is a lot of positivity around, and this definitely creates an environment that does not involve any kind of stress.

2. More appealing:

Another benefit of having a home with minimal design is that it has a more appealing look. To understand this, imagine a picture of a house that has a lot of furniture and another picture of a house that has minimal furniture. Now tell us which picture you find more soothing. Of course, the one that has the least furniture So, you can definitely make your home more appealing by making it look minimalist.

3. Easier to clean:

It is obviously very hard to clean a room that has a lot of furniture and clutter. The more stuff you have, the more you have to clean, and the more complicated it becomes to get around the stuff. Think about how easy it is to clean an empty room compared to one with 50 objects in it. That’s an extreme example, of course, as I wouldn’t recommend you have an empty room, but it’s just to illustrate the difference.

Ways to incorporate minimalism into your home

There are various ways to decorate your home in the most minimalist way. So, if you are someone who is looking to decorate their house using minimalist furniture design, you definitely need to try these tips and tricks that we have stated below.

1. Pick subtle and neutral colours:

the most basic concept of minimalism in interior design is that you need to pick colours with a neutral scheme. You definitely cannot afford to go for bold colours if you are planning a minimal look for your house. Minimalism is all about simplicity, so going for a vibrant colour palette will sound unconventional. But if you want to add a splash of boldness, you can always go for textures and patterns.

2. Choose furniture pieces and décor made of natural materials:

The second most amazing way to decorate your house, the minimalist way, is to pick furniture pieces that are made of natural materials. You can pick up furniture pieces made of wood. Consider getting a coffee table, a dining table, cabinets for various areas of the house, a wooden wardrobe, wooden frames for your paintings, etc. You can also opt for natural prints on your upholstery.

3. Introduce tonnes of natural light:

Designing a home in the most minimalist way would mean making space for natural light to seep in. Now you must be thinking, "How does this make sense?" Minimalism in interior design has its roots in the Japanese form of interior design. Do you remember Shin Chan's house? Although animated, it is a classic example of minimalist décor. The large glass doors allow abundant natural light to flow into the interiors of the house, thus cleaning the air and the aura.


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