How to use colour in your home to create a relaxing atmosphere

01 January 1970

The colour of your house plays a vital role in deciding the vibe of your place. You need to be very particular with your color scheme, as each colour has its own significance. If you go wrong with the colour scheme of your house, you are definitely going to create a space that is definitely going to look inappropriate. Thus, choosing the right colour for your space is crucial.

Colors do not just impact the look of your space, but also decide the vibe that your place is going to give. While designing your house, you will obviously want your house to give a positive vibe. So, colours need to be chosen accordingly. Additionally, home is a place that is meant to give us calmness in times when we are feeling low. Who would not want their home to give off a happy, cheerful, and calming vibe? Not just the adults, but the kids who are at a growing age are also impacted by the vibe of your house.

According to psychologists, when an individual looks at colors, they ought to impact them in some or another way. For instance, looking at a particular colour might instantly uplift your mood, and on the other hand, looking at some colours might just make you feel dull. Colors do not just affect a person psychologically, but emotionally and physically as well. At times when you are feeling low, looking at a particular colour will help you boost your mood. Thus, colours also act as mood boosters. With the amount of impact that colours have on humans, we have compiled a list of the most relaxing colors that you can choose for leading a stress-free life.

1.  Blue

Blue is a colour that is said to have a very calming vibe. It does not just calm your mind, but also helps you feel relaxed. Once your mind is in a state of relaxation, you can then think more properly and take up decisions that you won’t regret later. The colour also gives rise to a flow of positive thoughts in your head. In addition to the psychological properties of this color, it is also a great choice for your home interior. You can opt for both warm and light shades of blue to oomph up your space.

2. Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun. as the work of the sun is to lighten the world, the color Yellow serves the same purpose. Yellow can lighten up the room and brighten your mood. The color yellow has the ability to fill your body with sudden energy, uplift your mood and fill you with liveliness.

3. Pink

The color pink is sometimes associated with love and kindness. Exposure to this color can help you calm down your mind and anger. Looking at the color for a decent period of time will help you let go of feelings of anger, aggression, and neglect. The color can be used in your children’s room as it is mostly the go-to choice of the little ones.

4. Green

Green is the color of nature. Sitting at a place that is full of greenery helps you calm down your mind. It relaxes you both on a mental as well as physical level. Thus, painting your house or some part of your house in green color will relieve you from anxiety. It also soothes your eyes. Looking at this color can help clear your mind and encourage serenity.

5. White

White color is associated with peace. It is a great color to look at if you are feeling stressed and depressed. People mostly are in favor of coloring their houses with white color. White as a color is a go to choice for the maximum number of people. It is obviously because of the characteristics of the color. The color brings freshness and a sense of clarity. Coloring your house with white color can definitely brighten your mood. 

6. Grey

People perceive grey as a very boring and dull color. But this is actually not the truth. The color grey has a soothing and calming effect. Pairing the color with blue and white can literally soothe your eyes and uplift your anxious mood. It also aids in creating a relaxing atmosphere that helps you lead a stress-free life. 

So, these are some of the colors that we think can bring positivity to your space. If you are one of those who like playing with colors, you can always try and mix these with the ones you like. If you are a bit skeptical about how it is going to look, get in touch with us. We are one of the best interior designing companies in Singapore, providing affordable interior designing services