How to Utilize Built-ins to Keep your Home Organized

01 January 1970

Organizing a home can be tedious. With kids, pets, and adults in the house, it may seem that everything in the house needs to be remodeled. Getting rid of the clutter that is around you is the first and foremost step toward getting your space organized.

People tend to make frequent visits to the store to buy items that can help store their excess. But don’t you feel this really doesn’t make any difference? Every time you come back with storage containers, there is always some clutter still left to be accommodated. This typically means your organization's systems need to be updated such that they fit your changing needs and lifestyle.

Nothing puts your square footage to better use than a built-in. Built-ins have the ability to transform a dead zone under the stairs into a fully functional storage space. Installing built-in into your house does not just help you get additional storage space but, at the same time, aids in your organizing process. Installing built-ins is therefore an effective way to utilize all that extra space that you have in your house.

People often get confused about what built-ins would be best suitable for them and how to install and use them. These are basic questions that cross everyone’s head when they decide to organize their home. The answer to this is quite simple. Take charge of organizing your house by taking up one room at a time. Ahh!! Do not forget, that there are companies out there in Singapore that can help you get organized if you seek expert assistance.

However, if you choose to do it by yourself, the points stated below can help you to a greater extent. And also, if you get messed up while doing it, feel free to seek our assistance at MJS interior

1. Hanging rails

Get the hang of it. Sounds interesting? Yes, it does. Installing hanging rails in the kitchen can help you get more storage space. They even have the ability to give that rustic chic vibe to your kitchen. These handy bars are easy to install, and installing them just above your counter helps you get access to tools at a glance.

2. Ladders 

A kitchen usually requires a good amount of storage space. It is this area of the house that has the most clutter. So, adding some built-ins here can help you go a long way in getting organized. Cabinets in the kitchen usually do not go up to the ceiling. Add some cabinets that soar straight up to the ceiling to get more organized. And to reach these cabinets, consider adding a library-style ladder to get that gorgeous look.

3. Get lifted

Adding a loft area in the main part of your bedroom can help you get additional space for storing your extras. Add a platform in your bedroom, similar to a wooden loft, to store all of your extra luggage, bags, clothes, and so on.

4. Consider adding an arch

Small arched built-ins are very useful. Adding them on either side of your fireplace will give you a decent amount of shelf space to keep showpieces, books, or cutlery. Do not forget to keep them the same color as that of your lower cabinets and mantle to get a cohesive vibe.

5. Built-in seating

Built-in seating can also be a part of the built-in. Having a seating area with a nook (storage underneath) will add some extra space to your room. This will not only allow you to store items, but it will also provide you with a comfortable seating area and a beautiful view. 

Built-in typically means shelving. But in reality, it is not just confined to shelving. It has more to it. Built-ins offer you extra space but also add style and personality. If you are looking to organize your home, built-ins are for you. Organizing is a continuous process. It never ends. So, built-ins are for you to pave your renovation journey.


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