Light Up your Rooms Right with These 3 Easy Tips

01 January 1970

The lighting that you choose for your room can either make your game or break it. a proper choice of lighting can literally play wonders for your room’s design, mood, and vibe. 

Light is a vital part of your life whether it is inner light or outer light. Planning the lighting of your room in a way such that it looks attractive, is essential. As quoted by Warsan Shire, “Light attracts light.” Thus good lighting will definitely illuminate your room and make it look bigger and better. 

The market these days is flooded with several lighting options. While planning the lighting of your room you need to first jot down your requirements. For instance, some of you might want dim lights for your room while on the other hand, some people prefer too many lights. It all depends on your choices and preferences. So, it is always better to jot down your lighting requirements. Another way to ace your lighting game is to contact an interior designer. As they will help you plan your lighting in a way such that it meets all your requirements. And After all, they are professional, and seeking professional help is not wrong.

You can also opt to go room by room and then choose your lighting. This is because you need a lot of lights in your living area and fewer lights for your bedroom. Going one by one will help you greatly and then every step that you take will be beneficial. Not to forget, you also need to make sure that every lighting or related material you choose should fit your budget as the market has a lot of lighting options available. 

To help you ace your lighting game, we have listed out three tips that will never go wrong. So let’s get started:


1. Get your priorities straight

You need to have a good amount of clarity in your head, regarding the type of lighting that you need for your room. This is because the lighting is the best way to add fun and uniqueness to your room. So, be clear about your needs and choices. For instance, If you prefer symmetry and balance, you can always opt for using table lamps or nightstands. Placing these on your bedside table is a good way to add that bounce to your room. But if you are a person who prefers lights in the entire area of your room, the ceiling light is the best option for you. Use a ceiling light with a dimmer or choose a piece that softly distributes the light to all the parts of your room. Overhead lighting is another option that you can consider if you want to light up the whole of your room. Pair them up with table lamps, floor lamps, and scones to make the ambiance better and brighter. 


2. Be clear about how each piece of lighting will be used

Be sure about where you would be placing your lamps. This will give you an idea of the outlets to avoid unsightly extension cords. At the same time, by knowing your priorities in advance you can even be lucid about the size of the lamps or ceiling light. For e.g. you might need a small table lamp for your bedside table and a big lamp for your study table. Having an idea about the places where the lamps will be placed will give you a better picture of the sizes that you need to buy. Another important aspect that you need to consider while buying lamps is their height. Like if you are sitting on your bed and reading a book, you would obviously want the light to shine and fall on your book. So, be very particular about the height of your lamp. And as suggested above, it’s always better to seek help from a good interior designing agency.

3. Keep the style of your room in your head

Lighting forms a vital part of your bedroom’s style. Think about the look you want to achieve for your room and carry that look in your head while you plan the lighting of your room. You would obviously want the lighting of your room to flow. This sounds complicated. Understand it with an e.g. if you are planning to light your bedroom, think of what your bedroom brings to you. Obviously peace and relaxation. So, plan your lighting so that it is soothing and calm. Give attention to the color theme of your bedroom because the lighting will affect how this color is perceived in your room.

Lastly, do not forget to plan for the placement arrangement of switches. You would want things to be convenient and easy for you. And if you think, planning the lighting is a task feel free to contact us .

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