Mixing Vintage and Modern: A Guide to Achieving a Timeless Look for your Home

01 January 1970

When it comes to home decorating, the word "timeless" holds a very different meaning for everybody. For some, it would be decorating the home in such a way that it endures the test of time. For some, it would mean that the elements in the house are not tied to any trend or decade, and for others, it simply means a design that remains flexible and beautiful over many years.

For us, it typically means using some home décor techniques that make your house look classic despite the trend that is going on in the market. So, if you want to decorate your home in a timeless manner, the only way to do so is to contact us and take advantage of our affordable interior design services. We are one of the most recommended interior design agencies in Singapore.

Coming back, there are various ways in which you can achieve a timeless look for your house. The simplest way to do it is by using elements both vintage and modern, mixing them, and then waiting for the magic to happen. Another important thing that you need to note is that opting for a timeless design for your home would bring you a lot of money-saving benefits. Yes, you heard it right. Trying to decorate your home with elements that are evergreen will bring you a lot of affordability mixed with some aesthetics. If you are still thinking about how this can actually be done, imagine being in a state wherein you can make some subtle changes to your room just to be on par with the new trends without even actually wanting to overhaul your furniture, remodel, or repaint the entire house! This is why so many people strive for the timeless over the trendy. Trends come and go, sometimes quickly, but your personal style evolves over time.

So, to help you stay on trend without spending a lot of money on decorating your home, we've compiled a list of tips that you should definitely try to give your home a timeless look. 

 1. Consider buying furniture with clean lines

Furniture with clean, simple lines has always been popular, and for good reason. It has an understated, sophisticated look that tends to work with most design styles. You also need to ensure that you do not invest money in furniture with ornate details and unusual shapes. So, you need to look for furniture that is comfortable, well-constructed, and made of neutral fabric. You can even pick furniture that has little ornamentation like turned legs, tufting, and nail heads. Just make sure that you do not overdo it.

 2. Choose neutral colors for walls and furniture

Neutral colours are said to be timeless, and this is because of their ability to go well with any colour and any fabric. With a neutral wall color, you can play with colours in the room without having to actually repaint. A neutral sofa colour will give you the leverage to have some colourful pillows, cushions, rugs, and accessories. If you go by this rule, you are actually creating a timeless look for your home. If you want a little more freedom with your wall color, stick to neutral shades. 

 3. Less is more

When decorating your house the timeless way, keep in mind the principle "Less is more." This is because too much clutter in the room looks bad and shabby. Timeless spaces tend to have a pulled-together, clean, clutter-free look to them. You need to ensure that the décor that you pick for your house is simple and streamlined. You must resist the desire to fill every blank and empty space.A good design will obviously require some visual interest in the room, but it also needs breaks and soft places for your eyes to land.

So, by now, you are aware of some easy tips and tricks that are good to try if you want a timeless look for your space. So, without further ado, try these techniques and let us know how your home turned out.