Plan your Bathroom Design with these Important Tips

01 January 1970

Planning or designing a bathroom is no small feat. You need to consider a lot of things, like fixtures, surface materials, cabinetry, and electrical and plumbing needs. Bathroom design choices are endless. You need to choose everything precisely and cautiously because the bathroom is something that has to be luxurious and should possess each and every little thing.

Designing a bathroom is something that needs too much attention. You must have this thought that designing a bathroom is similar to designing any other room. But no, this is not the case. Designing a bathroom is totally different. With the bathroom, you will find yourself managing a plasterer, a plumber, and the flooring installer alone. This process is cumbersome and you might find yourself stuck in many situations.

So, whenever you are in a spot where you need to design your bathroom or redecorate one, make sure that you seek professional help. A bathroom can never be designed following the DIY concept. You should always seek professional help and advice. There are so many interior design agencies in Singapore, but we are a bit different from them. We believe every part of your home should be designed with expert help. And to do this, we have a separate team for bathroom design. They are well-versed in the intricacies of bathroom design.

But if you still feel you can design your bathroom on your own, we have listed down some basic tips to help you with your design journey.


1. Be careful with the layout

The first and foremost thing that you need to be sure of is the layout. Do not plan the bathroom layout in a clumsy way. Ensure that you have enough space for each functional area. To understand this better, let’s take an example. If you want a freestanding tub in your bathroom but you do not have enough space for it, do not go for it. Instead, look for something else. Fitting a tub into less space will give you a hemmed look and will spoil the overall look of your space. Also, make sure that the toilet seat is placed at the entrance of the bathroom. Instead, try installing a vanity at the entry point.


2. Install lighting

Good lighting is an essential part of the bathroom. You need to be cautious while you plan the lighting for your bathroom. Do not just put lights here and there. Make sure that your task lighting and mirror lighting are placed in a way such that shadows are not seen. If you want to have a relaxing atmosphere, mood lighting is the best option for you.

3. Tile texture- choose wisely

Be wise enough with your choices for the floors. If you are opting for glossy tiles, make sure that they are not too slippery. Another option is that many people opt for tiles with coarser surfaces. But the problem with these tiles is that they are difficult to clean and trap grime. So, choose a tile that is not too smooth and not too coarse. Even stone tiles can be a good option, but make sure that you seal them nicely to make them more water-resistant.


4. Waterproofing is a must

Make sure that you waterproof your bathroom the right way. Choose the best waterproofing agency to get this task done. Because if this goes wrong, then there is no way you can have the best bathroom. So, yes, be wise with your choices. 

You must be aware of the things that you need to keep in mind when you decide to plan your bathroom. And if you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact us!!